Blue Spring - Lotus Flower Blue

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Blue spring is a fresh, modern fragrance that brilliantly reflects the optimism of spring. Expertly blended, the perfume is crisp and light, yet rich and sweet all at once. The floral, herbaceous scent is reminiscent of the dewy sparkle of a shower-drenched summer meadow. The dynamic, feminine perfume creates a breezy, laid back vibe. Its invigorating nature refreshes the wearer in warm weather. Worn in cooler months, it can evoke a carefree, holiday mood. Blue Spring perfume oil is suitable for every day use, day or night. It can be worn casually, around the home, to a yoga class and to work. It is perfectly matched to those in creative professions. The uplifting perfume has amazing projection and longevity. If ever there was a scent to melt away tension and create a sense of peace, Blue Spring is it. A signature scent made for women with an air of bohemia and an excellent addition to any perfume wardrobe as a signature summer fragrance.
    • Bergamot, Lemon, Rosemary
    • Jasmine, Nutmeg, Rose, Violet
    • Cedarwood, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood
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Blue Spring opens with a head turning breeze of citrus notes and watery accords. The freshness is complemented with herbaceous accents from rosemary. At the heart lies a dew-kissed bouquet of rose and jasmine. The heavenly dry-down mingles musk with sensuous woody notes and patchouli.
A perfectly balanced ‘blue’ scent that gives a ‘just out of the shower’ sensation.

Inspired By

The dynamic resurgence of nature from winter’s deep slumber. The vibrant scent of a well manicured garden following a light spring shower. The fragrance has an ethereal quality, capturing the essence of Rhea, the Greek goddess of nature, daughter of Mother Earth herself. The hope of spring; anticipation of all that is to come.

A fragrance for a woman who stands apart from the crowd by her effortless, luminescent beauty. She is always at ease and comfortable in her own skin. A free spirit, in perfect harmony with nature.

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