Body Guard - Platinum

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Bodyguard is a classic male scent that is dominated by strong woody accords. Expertly crafted, each layer adds to the next, resulting in a bulletproof finish. The fragrance suits traditional men who relish in their role of protector and provider. The perfume oil is incredibly well balanced, with airy citrus notes roughened up with spicy black pepper on first impression. In the dry down, earthy florals are grounded by cedarwood and vetiver. The bold scent is office appropriate and pairs well with a sharp suit. Made for special occasions, it lends the wearer an air of power and class. Bodyguard perfume oil is suitable for year round wear and is definitely a signature worthy scent for confident, experienced men.
    • Grapefruit, Orange
    • Geranium
    • Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver
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The fragrance makes a bold opening with razor sharp grapefruit piercing through dynamic black pepper and juniper. Joyful notes of orange add a touch of sweetness at the top. The dry down features an earthy, vegetal accord, beautifully combined with sweet, balsamic notes of patchouli and benzoin.

Inspired By

The mighty oak tree, deep in the forest, its roots firmly buried in the earth below. Standing tall and proud, offering protection and shelter; a safe haven. The most powerful of all trees, it endures what others cannot. A symbol of courage. These attributes are perfectly reflected in the Bodyguard man, who shares the same rugged fortitude of character and purpose.

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