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Excess M is a breathtaking, stand-out scent that makes a statement without being overtly brash. A woody scent with floral and chypre accords, it is made more unique by accents of juicy fruit. The fragrance will appeal to men who love to stand out from the crowd. The distinctive fragrance may trigger scent memories for some, evoking the easy freedom of youth. The intriguing blend reveals a new aspect with every wear, retaining an aura of mystique. Excess M perfume oil is a versatile, easy to wear scent that can be worn day or night and is suitable for almost any occasion. With moderate projection and an agreeable nature, it is office appropriate and can be worn year round. The cool, fresh quality of the scent invigorates in warmer weather. Those searching for a signature summer scent will find it a striking change from the array of citrus and marine dominant fragrances on the market. Excess M is classic and sophisticated, yet quirky and unique. One thing is certain; one taste of this tantalizing scent will leave you craving more.
    • Bergamot
    • Geranium
    • Cedar, Musk, Oakmoss, Vanilla
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The fragrance opens with a burst of exotic juicy fruits and mint, giving a light, watery feel that verges on the aquatic. The green, rosy scent of bourbon geranium adds a touch of minty sweetness. As this element fades, the classic chypre accord comes to the fore. On dry down, the scent manages to retain a clean quality, with a seductive blend of vanilla and musk.

Inspired By

The uninhibited mood of a summer vacation, where man is liberated from the restraints of every day life. Inhibitions are shed and his true carnal nature is revealed - decadent, sybaritic; living life in excess.

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