Arabian Nights - Jumeirah

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Allow the magnificence of the dark night sky to envelope you with this bold oriental chypre. Inspired by the rare and elusive black orchid, this sensuous scent is for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Think of a bespoke, form-fitting dark suit, paired with a crisp white shirt, accessorised simply with an expensive watch. Suave and sophisticated, with a raw masculinity. Arabian nights can be worn day or night, however it really comes alive as an evening scent. A smart choice for the formal, classy occasion. The heavy fragrance is best suited to cooler weather and the autumn/winter season. With its audacious sillage, this is certainly a scent for the self-assured gentleman! A timeless classic that endures, just as the legendary tales after which it is named. The merest hint of Arabian nights perfume oil ensures that the wearer will never be forgotten. A true show-stopper of a scent.
    • Orchid
    • Jasmine, Nutmeg, Ylang-Ylang
    • Amber, Precious Woods
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Arabian nights is a strong scent that reveals its full power from the very beginning. Fresh, floral top notes soon give way to a core that is seductive and enticing. Spicy pink pepper and nutmeg mingle with intoxicating ylang ylang and heady jasmine to create a head-turning heart. The warm, woodsy dry down lingers on the skin long after use.

Inspired By

The rare and elusive orchid has long been a symbol of virility, with the dark and dramatic black orchid representing power and authority. The man who wears a scent inspired by this flower is definitely not unassuming or meek! Comfortable in his own skin and always projecting an air of confidence, he knows what he wants and always gets what he desires.

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