Cool Breeze him - Lotus Flower Blue

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Cool Breeze Him is a fresh, floral aquatic that evokes images of a tropical island paradise. It represents an exquisite fusion of strength and sensuality. The scent starts brightly, taking many twists and turns before ending with robust woody, musky accords. A versatile, easy to wear perfume oil, it can be worn to the office and will refresh after the gym. The fragrance can be worn year round and is an obvious choice for those searching for a summer scent. The bold projection and incredible longevity match the stamina and endurance of the wearer. Cool Breeze Him is the perfect signature scent for the active man with a magnetic personality.
    • Citrus
    • Jasmine, Lily-Of-The-Valley
    • Musk, Orris, Sandalwood, Vetiver
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The fragrance opens with a blast of cool, salty sea water, sweetened by watery floral notes of lotus and water lily. Bursts of citrus notes sharpen the blend, giving the perfume oil a dynamic, sporty feel. The lively beginning is tempered with a floral heart that beats gently with notes of jasmine and lily of the valley. The fragrance then takes another twist, as woody, earthy notes mingle with musk at the base.

Inspired By

Cool Breeze Him harnesses the charm of a tropical island. Lofty palm trees, set against a backdrop of azure blue sky, sway gently with the ocean breeze. Walking barefoot across the golden sand, dressed simply in linen. The contrast of the beating sun with the cool ocean water. Cool Breeze Him whispers of this paradise, and more.

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