Dua Al Janah - Lotus Flower Green

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Dua Al Janah is a decadent floral oriental for extravagant men and women. From the first hint, the enchanting fragrance captivates the senses. Nectar-like sweetness is weighed down with the intoxicating combination of sandalwood, patchouli and oudh. The fragrance represents nature at its most opulent; the ripest of fruits, the most exotic flowers. The result is a seductive, gourmand-like scent that screams luxury. Dua Al Janah is bewitching to men and women alike. On a woman, the scent is powdery sweet, dreamy and romantic. The natural musky scent of a man blends incredibly with the perfume oil, turning it animalic. The fragrance has moderate to strong sillage depending on skin chemistry and can be worn year round. The fragrance can be worn day or night, although its heavy nature lends itself well to evening wear. One thing is certain, heads will turn! Dua Al Janah is perfection; paradise found.
    • Woody
    • Cacao, Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
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The fragrance opens with a delicious honeyed fruit accord, spiced slightly with a hint of cinnamon. The scent unfolds slowly to reveal a narcotic bouquet of honeysuckle, damask rose and lily at the heart. On the dry down, indolic jasmine mingles with an earthy accord of musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

Inspired By

A luscious tropical rainforest, dense with foliage and a striking array of jewel coloured flora. Ripe fruit hangs heavily from the trees as humid air rises from the damp, earthy forest floor. In the distance, the calming sound of rushing waterfalls harmonizes perfectly with the call of wild animals and birdsong. A reflection on Earth of the heavenly Gardens of Paradise.

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