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Egyptian Musk is an oriental fragrance for men and women. The clean, understated scent is the epitome of a ‘no perfume’ perfume, creating a gentle glow reminiscent of freshly washed skin. The perfume oil combines with the wearer’s natural skin scent and subtly alters according to skin chemistry. The fragrance remains smooth and mellow, lingering close to the skin long after use. The unobtrusive, every day scent would make a great choice for men and women who work closely with others in their line of work. The beauty of Egyptian Musk is in its simplicity. The light scent is extremely wearable and suits men and women of all ages. The versatile fragrance can be worn at any time, any place and anywhere. The almost undetectable nature makes it a perfect choice for occasions when an overpowering perfume is unsuitable. Egyptian Musk perfume oil can be used alone or layered with other scents from the Sunnamusk range. The antithesis of a statement scent, Egyptian Musk is a pleasing, natural fragrance with a timeless quality.
    • Woody
    • Cacao, Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
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Egyptian Musk is a linear fragrance that opens with a bittersweet, citrus floral accord, gently fading to a base of light musk and amber. The fragrance retains an airy, cool quality throughout.

Inspired By

The scent of crisp, white sheets on the washing line, swaying gently in the fresh, spring breeze.

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