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Golden Dust is a striking scent made for both men and women. Perfectly crafted, the intriguing blend of oriental and fougere accords make it a real masterpiece fragrance. The perfume oil is for bold, dynamic characters that naturally draw attention with their magnetic personality. Adorned by a golden halo, they are set apart from the crowd. Golden Dust weaves a magical journey, encapsulating femininity and masculinity all at once. With moderate projection, it can be worn any time, any place, anywhere. It is the type of fragrance that can take you from work to play, becoming a softer skin scent as the day progresses. Its natural warmth makes it best suited to cooler weather and the autumn/winter season. The perfume oil has excellent longevity, ensuring that the wearer can be confident of its durability. Golden Dust is sure to cast its magic on all that it is sprinkled on.
    • Grapefruit
    • Honeysuckle, Vanilla
    • Amber, Balsamic, Musk
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Fresh notes of grapefruit are harmoniously blended with balsamic accents to create a head- turning opening. The heart features a beautiful bloom of damask rose and honeysuckle. On the dry down, amber and musk bring a sense of warmth and mystery.

On a woman’s skin, the scent becomes powdery sweet on dry down, whereas on a man’s skin, the fragrance amplifies his natural musky scent, yet retains a clean quality.

Inspired By

The awe-inspiring intensity of an Arabian sunset, majestic and captivating, dazzling with an astonishing array of glimmering yellows, lustrous reds and burnished oranges. The glorious beauty of nature.

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