Golden Musk - White Platinum

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Golden Musk is a playful combination of fruity, floral and gourmand accords. The scent evokes childhood memories of sunny summer days spent with friends. Simple, uncomplicated; not a care in the world. Life is certainly beautiful with this scent! The Golden Musk woman is feminine and fun. Self assured, yet with an air of endearing vulnerability. Always with an open expression, trusting of the world around her, cheerful, contented and vivacious. She takes pleasure from the simple things in life; from the feel of the sun’s warm embrace on her skin, to the unexpected sound of a child’s unbridled laughter. Golden Musk perfume oil is an easy to wear, every day scent, suitable for work and play. With its moderate sillage, it can be worn in the office without hesitation. Conversely, the scent would work well for special occasions, when the wearer wants to feel attractive and be noticed. The comforting aroma emboldens the wearer in situations where they don’t feel completely confident. An amazing perfume oil with unparalleled longevity, projection and sillage.
    • Woody
    • Cacao, Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
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The fragrance introduces itself with a fresh burst of sweet, mouth-wateringly juicy berries. Top notes include tangy cranberry and rich cassis. An enchanting floral heart of rose, geranium and violet lay on top of a comforting, creamy base of vanilla. Patchouli and nutmeg add depth to prevent it from becoming saccharine sweet. This perfectly blended composition is sure to have mass appeal.

Inspired By

The scent evokes childhood nostalgia of a day at the funfair. Time seems to stand still as the sheer pleasure of the simple things in life is savoured. Belly laughter so hard it brings tears to the eyes. Pure, uninhibited joy.

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