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Lotus encapsulates the mystery of the iconic Asian flower that emerges from dusky depths, its beauty and grace a striking contrast to its environment. Revered in many parts of the world, the flower symbolises purity and spiritual awakening. Lotus perfume oil is one of Sunnamusk’s best selling unisex fragrances, created to subtly alter according to the wearer. On a woman, the scent takes a sweeter turn, with an emphasis on peach, floral and vanilla notes. On a man’s skin, the fresh aquatic notes are played up whilst the musky base sensuously enhances the natural masculine scent. With a moderate projection, Lotus is an everyday scent that will see you through the day. The scent is most suitable to wear in spring/summer and warmer climes. Lotus is one of the first fragrances created by Sunnamusk and it’s clear to see why it remains a best seller. Whether you’re looking to add to your fragrance wardrobe, or want a truly magnificent signature scent, Lotus will tick all the boxes and more.
    • Mandarin
    • Lily-Of-The-Valley, Neroli
    • Musk, Vanilla
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The fragrance opens with a perfectly balanced blend of fruity sweetness created by notes of mandarin, counterpoised by fresh marine accords. The heart blooms brilliantly with a bouquet of lotus, neroli and lily of the valley. Green accords are cleverly used to pierce through the strong floral notes. The dry down offers a heady base of vanilla and musk.

Inspired By

The mysterious Lotus flower is an aquatic plant that rises from dark depths, a contrast to the murky waters that hide its roots. The fragrance ingeniously combines floral and aquatic notes to represent the emergence of the flower from its watery home. A musky base reflects the darkness and depth of the stagnant water.
Lotus perfectly encapsulates the eastern concept of Yin and Yang with its balance and symmetry. Fresh and sweet, yet rich and earthy all at once. The depth of this perfume will be appreciated by sensitive souls, artists and thinkers. A cleverly created scent that keeps you guessing as to its true nature.

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