Night Illusion - Lotus Flower Pink

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Night Illusion is a fun and feminine fragrance that charms by day and captivates by night. Sweet, fruity and floral, the scent encapsulates the laid back, carefree ambiance of summer vacation. From the first hint, the heavenly scent packs a mouthwatering punch. The fresh sweetness of juicy red fruits is complemented perfectly by watery florals at the heart. Sensuous vanilla takes the fragrance into gourmand territory. The perfume oil is a casual every day fragrance for day or night. The uplifting, youthful scent is best suited to warmer months and the summer season. The bold sillage will certainly make a statement! Exceedingly potent, the unique fragrance has incredible longevity.
    • Citrus
    • Water Lily
    • Musk, Vanilla
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The fragrance opens with a delectable blend of juicy red fruits and apple. Its sweetness is slightly tempered with the sharp tang of citrus notes. As the ripeness fades, mellow watery floral accords peep through. Notes of water lily and lotus are used to add a mildly aquatic, enchanting edge. The dry down is worth the wait, with a classic accord of vanilla and musk merging with the sweet, fruity notes from before. The end result is a potent, head turning perfume oil that lasts.

Inspired By

Sweet and fruity, yet provocative, Night Illusion reflects the fine line between innocence and sin. Just like Eve’s temptation in the Garden of Eden, notes of alluring red apple cast a seductive spell. Combined with sensuous accords of vanilla and musk, all innocence is lost. The fragrance echos the journey from young girl into womanhood.

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