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Oudh Al Haramain is an oriental fragrance for men and women. It is a fine example of a classic Arabic perfume. The strong notes of precious oudh have an almost medicinal quality; indeed, the resin is prized for its therapeutic properties as well as its fragrance. The perfume oil has a full-bodied note of oudh on opening that gives the distinct impression of a male scent. However, once the initial intensity settles, the fragrance varies wildly on a man and a woman. Men may find that their natural scent is enhanced with the carnal combination of oudh, leather and musk. On a woman, the scent is decidedly tamer, with a balsamic-like sweetness enlivened with smoky/spicy accents. The opulent scent is best suited to evening wear and special occasions, when it makes a striking impact. Whether enjoying a night out with friends or an intimate dinner à deux, Oudh Al Haramain will leave an unforgettable impression. The perfume oil has incredible sillage and longevity and is a signature worthy scent for those looking for a truly unique, memorable fragrance.
    • Woody
    • Cacao, Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
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Oudh Al Haramain makes an undeniably bold introduction, dominated by powerful notes of oudh. On a man, the suggestive nature of the scent is enhanced with an arousing note of leather. On a woman, a lemony rose accord, reminiscent of Turkish Delight, soon softens the blend. At the heart, a sensational marriage of deep rose and seductive amber, delicately infused with a pinch of saffron. The alluring dry down features nuances of patchouli, musk or vanilla, depending on skin chemistry.

Inspired By

Oudh Al Haramain is a traditional middle eastern perfume oil, inspired by the smooth, flowing nature of traditional Arabic garments that cloak the wearer, creating an air of mystery and exotica to those from the West.

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