Sandal Rose - Clear Bottle 50ml

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50 ml


Sunnamusk have created a gift for lovers of Sandalwood in this woody oriental fragrance. A deliciously warm, sweet and spicy sandalwood scent that both men and women will adore. Beautiful in its simplicity, Sandalwood has the hallmark of a true signature scent. A fragrance that will surely reflect who you are. Soft, warm and cosy, the scent could be described as ‘Hygge’ in a bottle. The first hint conjures images of snuggling up in front of a roaring log fire, cocoa in hand. Whilst the fragrance naturally pairs with cooler weather and the seasons of autumn/winter, its mellow nature means it could be worn year round. Those searching for a skin scent will perhaps find nothing better than Sandalwood. The fragrance mingles with the wearer’s skin chemistry, amplifying its natural pheromones. Spicy, smoky notes are accentuated on male skin, enhancing his natural musky scent. Worn on a woman, the perfume takes a sweeter turn with an emphasis on creamy vanilla notes. Well mannered and discreet enough to wear to the office with a mild projection, although perhaps best suited to intimate situations.
    • Woody
    • Cacao, Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
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From the first hint, velvety, syrupy roses beguile and captivate. Depending on skin chemistry, the rose scent can be powdery, or sweet and gourmandy. As the bloom of rose begins to fade, smoky sandalwood takes its turn to shine. Dry down is sweet and sensuous; an ethereal combination of delicate rose and earthy, sacred sandalwood.

Longevity is excellent in this unisex scent. On a man, the scent becomes more musky, peppery; almost animalic. On a woman’s skin, the perfume oil turns deliciously creamy.

Inspired By

Sandal Rose evokes the comforting sensation of being wrapped in a cashmere blanket on a crisp autumn day. The hazy, fleeting memory of a romantic dream upon waking. The colour of rose gold. The enticing, exotic scent captures the opulence of the Orient.

The Sandal Rose woman is sophisticated and elegant, dressing in luxurious fabrics whether at work or at play. The Sandal Rose man exudes warmth and charm. Gentle and refined, yet always grounded.

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