Wisal - Lotus Flower Pink

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A world of luxury awaits with this opulent floriental fragrance that oozes refinement. Wisal ensures that the first impression is one of composure, sophistication and elegance. The perfume oil promises to delight men and women who adore rose musk scents. Like the wearer, the scent suggests more than it reveals. Wisal has been created as a unisex fragrance. It is the perfect choice for a capable woman who conveys a powerful aura around her. Ultra-feminine, yet feisty. The scent is equally suited to a man, as the spicy musky notes amplify the natural male pheromones. The Wisal man isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. He is set apart from others by his quirky touches, such as a bright silk handkerchief peeping out of a top pocket. Wisal is a strong signature scent for men and women who know their mind. A grown up scent that is very wearable and lends itself to day or night use. Perfect all year round and for all occasions, but especially great when you want to make a strong first impression. WIth excellent sillage and longevity, Wisal whispers the seductive tune of a perfectly crafted perfume.
    • Bergamot, Orange
    • Clove, Davana, Geranium, Rose, Saffron
    • Amber, Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood
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On first impression, a joyful melody of sweet rose and uplifting bergamot. At the heart, saffron and clove dance seductively with sandalwood, lending an edge of exotica. The tantilising dry-down offers a classic sensuous accord of amber and musk. The fragrance perfectly encapsulates the caress of a silky soft cashmere sweater.

Inspired By

Wisal is the contrast of exotic souks and expensive skyscrapers in the Middle East. Gentle and enchanting, yet striking and powerful all at once.

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