Youth Spirit - Jumeirah

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Youth Spirit is an oriental woody fragrance for men who dare to stand out from the crowd. A novel take on masculinity, it makes a refreshing change from the typical accords used in male fragrances. The scent embodies the fusion of tradition and modernity - a modern classic. The Youth Spirit man is courteous, comfortable in his own skin and naturally classy. His charm and air of refinement set him apart from his peers. With a natural flair for style, he takes pride in his appearance and is always well-groomed. The beautifully composed, balanced perfume oil is versatile enough to be worn any where, at any time. With its moderate projection and agreeable nature, it is definitely office appropriate. The intimate nature of the fragrance lends itself well to one-on-one encounters and dinner parties rather than lively nights out. Youth Spirit is a refreshing, uplifting fragrance that can be enjoyed year round, regardless of the weather. A grower of a scent and a staple in the modern man’s fragrance wardrobe.
    • Woody
    • Cacao, Nutmeg
    • Vanilla
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Youth Spirit opens with a daring sweet and spicy accord that stimulates the senses. The spirited beginning is a slight red herring as to the true nature of the scent, however. As the brightness fades, the strength of cedarwood is offset beautifully with notes of powdery rose warmed with nutmeg. The musky, woody dry down is pure seductive charm.

Inspired By

The 21st century dandy, who takes pride in his appearance and is strongly influenced by his heritage. His modern interpretation of traditional style proves that manners and charm never go out of fashion.

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