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Can perfume go off?

Can perfume go off?

Have you ever wondered if perfume has an expiry date? Or, how long does perfume last? You may have even considered what are the signs that perfume has gone off. In this blog, we are going to cover all of these topics and more! In short, like all beauty and cosmetic products, perfume does expire. A key difference between perfume and other products is that the life of the product depends on the ingredients and how you store the perfume.

Does perfume expire?

Perfume does expire, however, many do not have a predetermined expiry date. Whilst it depends on the quality of the ingredients in the fragrance, it also depends on how you store the product. Further down this blog, we will discuss this in more detail.   

You mustn't ignore a perfume expiry date. It may smell unpleasant, due to the changed chemical composition. It may also irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions, which can result in red marks or blisters on your skin, itching and other unpleasant effects that you might have to seek medical attention for.

How to tell if your perfume has gone off?

There are three main indicators that your perfume has gone off, and these are:

Does the scent of the fragrance smell different from when you first bought it?

A simple way to check if your perfume has gone off is to smell it. Spray some, and consider the smell. If it smells very different from when you first used it, this is a strong indicator that it is going off, or it already has. A common note for expiring perfume is hints of vinegar or unpleasant chemical smells.

Has the colour of the perfume changed?

 Another way to check if your perfume has expired is to check the colour. As perfumes get older, the colour of the liquid becomes darker.

Does the perfume have an expiry date printed on the bottle or packaging?

Some perfumes will have an expiry date printed on the bottom of the bottle or packaging. This might be printed as a batch code or a PAO (Period After Opening) number. The batch code tells us when and where perfume was produced. Typically in the form of three to 12 numbers. Online you can search for your batch number and it will tell you the age of your perfume, so then you can work out the age of it. A PAO number tells us the number of months the fragrance will last once it has been opened. If the date is upcoming, arrived or has been passed, then your perfume will have expired.

If you are unsure of whether your perfume has expired, then you should conduct a patch test. You can do this by spraying once on the inside of your wrist, and then waiting 24 hours to see how you have reacted. Another option is to spray the perfume onto your clothing, rather than on your skin. This is a safer way to enjoy the scent.

How to store perfume?

How you store your perfume bottles can help keep the fragrance in good condition for as long as possible. Here are a few of our favourite perfume storage tips:

Store your fragrance in a dark and dry place:

We recommend that you keep your perfumes out of direct sunlight and artificial light. This can cause the chemical structure to break down, and it may only last up to 6 months. Exposure to moisture can also cause structures to break down, as chemical reactions can occur.

Keep perfume in the original box and bottle

The packaging of the bottle offers perfume protection against direct light and moisture. It also helps regulate the temperature at a consistent level. We also suggest that you don’t transfer the perfume to another bottle, as the one that it comes in has been specifically designed to extend the life span of the scent.

Try to maintain a constant temperature:

Frequent changes to the temperature can cause the smell of the perfume to change. If the temperature is too low or high, the fragrance will not react well with it. So, when choosing which room to store your perfume in, you should consider if draught comes inside it and if there is too much direct sunlight. You must choose somewhere that is cool all year around e.g. inside of a cupboard or your wardrobe.

Here are some of the best places you can store your fragrances:

  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Boxes
  • Original packaging

How long can perfume last if unopened?

Another important aspect of the question ‘how long does perfume last?’ is how long it can last if it is unopened.

Every perfume is different. It is difficult to say how long a perfume can last if unopened. However, generally speaking, a perfume can last for years (even decades) if it is unopened. 

Once a perfume has been opened, the fragrance begins to oxidise, which eventually causes the smell to fade over time.

 A good tip is to only open a new perfume when you have used up another. This allows you to get the most from your fragrances and extend the life span.

Can you extend the life of a perfume?

There are a few ways you can extend the life of a perfume. Here are some top tips and tricks:

  • Ensure that you properly store the perfume. Keep it in a place away from direct sunlight and artificial light, in a spot with a consistent temperature. It is also recommended that you keep the perfume in its original packaging and bottle.
  • Do not open the perfume until you are ready to use it. From the second it’s opened, the PAO is applicable.
  • Invest in a high-quality, long-lasting perfume with a good shelf life.
  • Use the perfume until it is empty. Rotating between different fragrances will cause the perfumes to expire more quickly.

How to replace your perfume

If your perfume has expired, then you will need to replace it. Don’t worry, this is an exciting purchase!

When deciding what perfume to invest in, you will want to choose a long-lasting scent that will last for years to come. So, you will want to consider the quality and scent notes of the perfume. If you want a powerful scent, then you might want to consider purchasing a perfume that contains oud

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